May 2009

Just found the Private Receptions Blog, which is affiliated with Private Receptions, an event planning company. My favorite entry is this one about planning for the big day!

They’ve also got a head’s up on events in New York City for brides and wedding planners!


Victoria With Roses just announced a workshop with New York based Private Receptions coming up on June 14, 2009 at the Plaza Hotel. Find out more information here. It’s a bit expensive, but if you really need to sit down and talk to someone, without paying for a wedding planner, it might just be worth it!

Check out the Private Receptions Blog as well!

I was browsing the Wedding Cabaret and found this muse board. See the Wedding Cabaret blog for many more muse boards just like this one!

This is one of my absolute favorite wedding blogs ever!!

Brown Bag is a collection of experiences, ideas, and inspirations for weddings of all styles and budgets!

The best feature is the “Ask Nancy” column on the left…you can email the blog’s author to ask questions that aren’t answered by any of her posts! She’s also got an incredible list of other wedding websites for you to check out. Yay for Nancy’s Brown Bag!

Just found this great blog for South African brides: Prima donna brides.

It’s full of great ideas for inspiration. Check out these posts with great themes!

It seems like these amazing wedding blogs are popping up everywhere now! Here’s another one:

The Wedding Cabaret is a blog that provides “daily inspiration for the planning bride and groom.” I love all the real weddings that are featured, especially this one.

This is a great source for generating ideas for your wedding!

Here’s a neat blog different from most wedding blogs.

Groomasaurus is written by a groom planning his wedding…his thoughts, perspectives, and ideas regarding all things wedding.

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