January 2009

Here’s a great website to get ideas for your wedding cake: Sugar Butter Flour

I figured out exactly what I wanted by searching through other people’s pictures and photo galleries on websites like theknot.com
Here’s what we ended up with:


The following is merely a preliminary checklist of things I have brainstormed…entries in the future will have lists based on topic.


  • Be sure to know what style you’re looking for
  • Offer the photographer a list of shots you really want
  • Have a list of all the people you want to have pictures with
  • Will they give you prints or a cd?
  • Do they assemble your wedding book?


  • Colors
  • Types of flowers
  • Style
  • Ribbon or accents on stems
  • Exposed stems?
  • Size
  • Look through websites and magazines to find examples of what you like
  • Who gets flowers/boutonnieres/corsages?
  • Fresh or silk flowers for decorations?
  • Center piece size, etc?


  • Type of food
  • Served?
  • China/plastic
  • Beverages
  • Dessert?
  • Hors d’vours


  • What is the focus?
  • Who are the people/audience?
  • What kind of music?
  • Who is involved?
  • What are the requirements of the church/location?
  • What media is involved?


  • How many people?
  • Cocktail hour?
  • Sit down dinner?
  • Dancing?
  • Length?
  • Activities?
  • Schedule?
  • MC?

Ceremony Decorations

  • Fresh/silk flowers
  • Candles?
  • Aisle runner?
  • Pew bows?

Reception Decorations

  • Center pieces
  • Cake table
  • Gift table
  • Search photographers’ websites for ideas of design


  • Colors
  • Type of cake/filling/frosting
  • Design
  • Shape
  • Layers
  • Decorations (flowers, etc?)


  • Casual, formal, etc?
  • White/ivory bridal gown
  • Try things on you don’t think you’ll like
  • Buying all the dresses at a place like David’s Bridal brings discounts
  • Match bridesmaid dresses to style of dress (formal, casual, etc)


  • or suits
  • discounts at Men’s Warehouse, AfterHours, etc.


  • jewelry
  • hair accessories (veil?)
  • Shoes
  • ties


  • printed or handmade
  • formal, casual, style?
  • directions
  • reception information
  • hotel information
  • RSVP cards and stamped envelopes


  • yes or no?
  • candy/food
  • small gift
  • pictures

Bridal Party

  • Pictures/Wine/Ties/Jewelry
  • Make sure they all know the plan for the day and have directions to every place


  • Who will be responsible for decorating?
  • Who will be in charge on the day of?
  • Who will take care of problems when they arise?

Venue Questions

  • How many people?
  • Length of time included in rental fee.
  • Own minister allowed? (for ceremony venues)
  • Deposit amount? Refundable?
  • Any decorations included? Other extras?
  • What are we allowed to bring? (some places don’t allow candles or open flames)
  • Tables/chairs included in rental fee or separate?
  • What does the rental fee include?
    • Set Up/Clean Up?
    • Music or Sound Equipment?
    • Bridal/Groom Suite?
    • Amount of time?
    • Venue representative for day of?

I know I’ve already written about invitations, but a recent conversation with an engaged friend has prompted me to write these thoughts:

1. Invitations get thrown out, don’t stress over them.
2. They only have to match the rest of the wedding if you want to.
3. If your wedding is super casual and small, feel free to make them!
4. You don’t have to buy expensive invitations to make them personal…be creative!
More to come, I’m sure…the big thing is to figure out what is most important to you for your wedding!

I stumbled upon this little guide in a Barnes & Noble today and with the help of quamut.com, I bring it to you:

Wedding Planning, from the go to how to!! 

It was very detailed and well organized. A two thumbs up from me for getting started and being detailed. Much better than any wedding guide in book format.

I saw t
he hard copy, but all the same information is available online for free: http://www.quamut.com/quamut/wedding_planning

I saw this at the Barnes & Noble for about $4.95, but they also sell it in PDF format online for less.

Happy Planning!!!