The “Wedding Season” never seems to end! Keith and I have attended many weddings of our friends this summer into fall and it’s been quite an experience. As a married couple, weddings are much more relaxing, but it’s easy to remember the stress and anxiety of the weddings we attended during our engagement!!

So…this is a blog in order to detail my experience of planning a wedding and settling into marriage. Throughout the planning process, my mom and I joked we were playing “The Wedding Game” — we would plan the most inexpensive wedding we could, without our guests knowing! 

Our goal was challenged by the fact that I had just graduated college, so the budget was tight, and both my husband and I are part of big families, so there weren’t many ways to keep the guest list small!!! 

The following blog entries will be my recollections of the problems and solutions we discovered while playing “the game”. 

Please feel free to leave comments of your own experiences!!!


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Jeff Kear Says:

    I liked your post on the wedding dress snafoo. I think it’s your loved ones’ obligation to let you know if what you’re wearing is heinous. Then if you decide not to listen to their advice, you’ve been warned. I have a saying, though, that says even people with bad taste need clothes to wear, so the people providing the advice should be diplomatic, because the person in question may love their ugly outfit.

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