While this may not be the most conventional place to start, I’ve been thinking about thank you cards a lot.

Just as with invitations, thank you cards can get expensive!!! We decided to buy blank note cards and fix a picture from the wedding on the front. This way we could thank our guests and give them a picture as well! A pack of 50 cards (at Michael’s or ACMoore) was about $5 and I found I could print pictures for $.12 if I printed more than 50 at a time. Without stamps, we spent about $.25 per thank you card! It’s nice to add touches such as ribbons or using a colored pen to match your colors to keep the theme of your wedding without having to print expensive cards to match the invitations.

Other people have had really great ideas as well!

Keith and I just received a thank you in the form of a postcard from a couple who took a picture of themselves wearing shirts that said “Thank You!”. On the back they left room to write a short note, address to the sender and used a stamp that matched their beach-themed wedding. There are many websites that offer reasonable prices for all sorts of printed material…I googled “Cheap Postcard Printing” and found hundreds of great resources!!

Other couples have bought thank you cards in bulk. These cards were simple and did not necessarily match anything from the wedding, but gave the couple an inexpensive way to express their appreciation.

I think the best thing to remember with thank you cards is they will most likely be thrown away relatively soon after being read — so, not something to put much time and effort into.

And don’t forget — traditionally it is acceptable to send thank yous up to one year after getting married. There’s no rush!!!

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