November 2008

Just found this other wedding blog that could definitely be a gold mine for ideas!!!!!


Hi all…just wanted to let you know Blurb, the website I used to make our wedding books, is having a web seminar next Tuesday and one lucky participant gets a $75 Blurb gift certificate!!!

Our books arrived the other day and they turned fabulous. The quality is incredible! :o)

So this entry is a bit hurried, but it’s something I thought of as I was falling asleep last night. One of the greatest tools to not going completely insane while planning a wedding is to stay organized! I kept all of my email conversations with vendors in an online folder, contracts in a paper folder, and a constant check list of things to do on hand. As a friend said recently, the checklists in books can be daunting. I found the checklist on helpful sometimes, but many of the items were completely irrelevant to us. What I plan on doing for a future post is to come up with a preliminary list of “to-dos” and “to-haves” depending on the aspect of the wedding: flowers, caterer, transportation, people, ceremony, decorating, etc. As time passes I hope to make it fairly detailed. Please feel free to add and amend the lists!

Instead of making a photo album for ourselves and parents, we decided to use a website called where we made a book using pictures, song lyrics, scripture, and encouraging tid-bits from friends and family. You can choose to have your book bound by softcover or hardcover. We chose hardcover with a dust jacket. The best thing is — it’s all acid free paper so it will last for generations! The cost was much less than expected and just about the same price as buying a wedding photo album and filling with with pictures.

Here’s the link below to our book: