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Here are three wedding invitations I’ve received lately that I thought were absolutely lovely:


This invitation is my favorite money-saving invitation and for my friend Margaret’s wedding in Las Vegas. The wedding will be held at the Lakeside Weddings reception facility. Margaret and her fiance Nathan have done a fantastic job of planning an elegant wedding at a low cost, so I’ll definitely be writing a post about it when I get back!

I spoke with Margaret about the invitation last week and she said after an engagement photo shoot, they took their favorite picture and added text using photoshop. This way, they only had to print out 4×6 copies of the picture (with text) and then assemble the invitations. What a great way to save money! I can’t wait for this wedding 🙂


This is the invitation for Chase & Kristie’s wedding that I attended last week in Roswell, GA. I love how the invitation coordinates with the wedding. The back of the invitation had a beautiful watermark and even the back of the invitation had the green and brown floral design.


This is my favorite invitation of the year! I haven’t double checked with my friend Emily yet, but I’m guessing her sister (who is an artist) painted the invitation and matching reply card. The wedding is going to be a ceremony at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where Emily & Riley met and attended college, with a backyard reception at Emily’s aunt’s house right on the Connecticut coastline!

Just found this great blog Celebrate It!

It’s got all sorts of information about planning events…the most recent post when I went was on the new trends in Spring Wedding Invitations.

Check it out!!

Last weekend I headed to David’s Bridal to get fitted for a bridesmaid’s dress (pictured). My friend ended up going with the dress in black, but I loved it with the orange poppies! It even has pockets!

Picking out bridesmaid’s dresses can be one of the trickiest parts of planning a wedding. I’ve been there! I had four attendants, each very different body types, ages, and heights, not to mention two of them were pregnant when they had to order their dresses and would have newborns by the time the wedding rolled around.

I was fortunate to have three of my ladies available on the same day to pick out dresses. We headed to Davids Bridal where they tried on at least one dozen dresses.

We settled with this tea length, v-neck dress that looked stunning on each of them in the “truffle” color. It was really important to me that all four felt comfortable, not to mention gorgeous, in their dresses that day. I think we pulled it off!!

WEDDING GAME TIP: Buying your wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dresses at David’s Bridal is a good way to save some money. Bridal attendants get $20 off if the bride bought her gown there as well. It works the same way for the guys at any David’s Bridal brother store (Mr. Tux, Men’s Wearhouse, etc).

A great place to get ideas for Vintage Weddings.

I love the pictures posted with gorgeous vintage looks!

If you’re interested in planning an eco-friendly wedding, here’s a great place to start: Earth Friendly Wedding

Courtesy of In This Instance, here’s a list of lots of great wedding blogs: Wedding Blog List

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