I went with a friend to her dress fitting the other day and everything I learned from planning my own wedding came rushing back — it was as if I was in the think of it myself! I realized that I might really enjoy helping people plan weddings and events, at least part time.

Here are some of the things we talked about:


The Dress…

  • How does it fit? It should bit like a glove; don’t be afraid to spend money getting it altered because alterations can make a slightly uncomfortable dress into something you won’t mind wearing all day!
  • What to wear underneath? Find the perfect bra — it makes a huge difference.
  • Don’t forget your shoes for your fitting…and like the bra, comfort makes all the difference.


  • What style are you looking for? Tight and neat or loose and wild? Perfectly arranged or as if you just grabbed flowers from a field?
  • Monochromatic or vibrant colors?
  • Exposed stems? Ribbons? Other accessories?
  • One type of flower or many? Greens or no?
  • Look through magazines or online and keep pictures saved of what catches your eye.
  • Remember, finding things you don’t like is just as important in deciding what you want!