I will be the first to admit, I have always been anti-silk flower arrangements. They’re usually so tacky and cheap looking.

My wedding changed all that.
A friend of ours offered to do silk arrangements for the ceremony since she does them for the church anyways. She invited us into the “closet” (it was more like a jungle!) and told me to pick out what I like. She freshened up those arrangements and made others to match.

They were gorgeous and most people didn’t even know they weren’t real.

Plus, we had someone grab them after the ceremony and bring them to the reception so we had double use!

Silk flowers are an awesome way to save money if you know someone who does it often. And you can find really cheap stems at discount shops (the dollar store, ocean state job lot, etc) because ACMoore, Joann Fabrics, and Michaels are so expensive!