There are 3 great ways to look for inspiring ideas for planning your wedding:

Magazines: you can buy magazines, which can get pretty pricey, but they have the benefit of cutting out things you like. If you go this route, be sure to paste them in a notebook so you can make notes as to why you liked it — you may not remember in a few months. Or you may have changed your mind!
Books: many bookstores and craft stores sell books on wedding flowers, cakes, etc. I wouldn’t recommend doing this. It’s so expensive and you can find the same pictures in magazines or online.
***Online: this is by far the best way to find ideas!!!!! It’s free and you can print out or bookmark what you like! It was great for us when we found a decorator or florist we liked online, because there was a jackpot of photo galleries waiting for us!!
We did use magazines from our florist…but we only borrowed them and returned them…a great compromise!