So when it comes down to it, there is an infinite list of people you’d like to thank for being a part of your wedding. But, if you’re sticking to a small budget, that’s just not realistic.

We decided to give gifts to our wedding party, our parents, and our pre-marriage counselors. I also gave a little something to the women in my life that were involved in the wedding in other ways.
For our wedding party, we had a photo-shoot at Avery Point, a local spot with lots of grass and trees, a mansion, and a great view of the Long Island Sound. Then we picked out a frame for everyone in the wedding party and gave them all a picture of us. We did the same for our parents.
In addition to the picture for our parents, we gave our moms gift certificates to a local spa and our dads ties for the wedding.
For the two little flower girls, we got them lockets at Things Remembered with their initials inscribed. The ring bearer was all excited about his new ice cream bowl and spoons!!
We got our pre-marriage counsellors a gift certificate to a local restaurant.
Little gifts for friends include a cookbook, picture frame, smelly soaps, water bottle with a verse on it, coffee + mug, a favorite book, etc.
My husband was in a wedding party last fall where the gift was a bottle of wine from the vineyard where the reception was held. His sister and brother-in-law gave their wedding party small Nalgene water bottles with their name and wedding date on it.
Once you get creative, the ways to give great gifts and save money are infinite!